Fly Fishing Lessons

New to fly fishing? No problem! Even if you've never fly fished before we would be more than happy to teach you how to fly fish AND help you catch your first fish on the fly all in the same day! Fly fishing lessons are no extra charge and can be included in a full day guided trip. Both individual lessons and group lessons are available. If you are new to fly fishing and want a lesson included in your guide please tell us here at CTO before the day of your trip. We will plan the day around locations that are perfect for new fly fishers, and make sure we split the day up into perfect amounts of learning and fishing time. The typical lesson for a beginner would involve a run down of the basics of setting up a rod, reel, flies, tippet, leader, and other techniques. Bridget will then teach you how to cast and work slowly and patiently with you to ensure that your cast is ready to catch some fish. Casting and hook setting are the most important parts of fly fishing and we will make sure that you leave the lesson feeling confident that you can fly fish on your own. After the lesson you will catch fish on the fly and take your new skills to the lakes and streams. 

Not new to fly fishing, but need a little refresher? We got you! Just tell CTO before your trip what you are interested in learning or practicing. Bridget is an experienced guide and she'd love to help you with various casting types and techniques. We are here to help make you confident on the water.. all while having fun in the great outdoors.