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Full Day on Private River for 1

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Thank you for booking, can't wait for the trip! -Bridget

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 Whats Included in a full day guided trip? 

Duration of Trip: From the time you leave with CTO to the time you return you can expect an 8 hour adventure. Depending on where we go for your trip we may be on a bumpy dirt road for up to an hour each way. CTO experts plan fishing locations around skill level, fish activity, weather, and day of the week. We will always try to visit locations that are easily and quickly accessible.. but sometimes the best fishing happens in places "off the beaten path." 

Gear: CTO supplies all flies, tippet, leader, and strike indicators. If you have your own fly rod and fly reel we recommend you bring it so that you use the equipment you are comfortable with. If you are traveling far, or are new to the sport and do not have fly fishing gear that's no problem. We can supply all rods and reels for our clients at no extra cost. Please mention what equipment you'll need from CTO before booking your trip. If you have waders and wading boots.. bring them! If not we can supply them, just check with us to make sure we carry your size.  

Lunch: A fresh crowd pleasing lunch will be provided for all clients purchasing a full day guided trip. Typical lunches include deli meat sandwiches, warm sausage jambalaya, street tacos, breakfast burritos, and much more. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please tell us before the day of your trip. CTO will pick your lunch and prepare it depending on the day and availability. 

Water: Cold, fresh water is provided by CTO. We will also keep some gatorades in the cooler in case you need some electrolytes! If you want to bring other drinks such as sodas or juices.. bring them over and we can keep them cold in our cooler! 

Chunky Trout: Although we wish we could guarantee chunky trout, nothing in fly fishing is ever guaranteed.. but that is part of the beauty and challenge of the sport! Your guide is skilled and fluent in the waters and fish you will be fly fishing for.. so you can trust their knowledge and selection of flies throughout the entire process. We recommend that you brush up on basic hook setting skills, and fly casting before your trip so that you don't miss the opportunity at the chunky trout of a lifetime! If you are new to the sport, no worries. Our patient and experienced guides will help you through the entire process. Clients on our trips have caught anywhere from 10-50 fish in a single day! 

Additional Info: because of our seasonal operations and limited availability there are no refunds on our guided trips. We understand tragic circumstances may arise around the dates of your trip and if that is the case we will work with you to reschedule your dates. We are very flexible and appreciate your business.