Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout (Salmo trutta × Salvelinus fontinalis) are sterile hybrids of a brown trout and brook trout. Tiger Trout derived their name because of their pronounced vermiculations that resemble tiger stripes and colors. The cross between Brooks and Browns can happen in the wild but it is extremely rare. Most Tiger Trout are produced artificially in hatcheries. Tiger Trout are EXTREMELY special to fly fishers for many reason. First, because Tiger Trout do not reproduce they expend less energy during normal spawning seasons. This allows for the Tiger Trout to grow extremely fast compared to other species. Both Brook Trout and Brown Trout are natural predators. Combining the two species creates a very aggressive, moody, predatory trout. This combination is out of this world fun for fly fishers! Tiger Trout will attach your fly and fighting them is a similar sensation to fighting a small reef shark in the ocean. Bridget likes to think of Tiger Trout as the fresh water sharks for fly fishers because of their extreme aggression and relentless fight that they give when being hooked. Landing a big Tiger Trout is a huge accomplishment that every fly fisher should experience at least once in their lifetime. 


Tom Summers

What’s the best time of year to catch Tiger trout? Since it’s a cross mutation are the released into private ponds?


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