Refund Policy & Trip Planning

Refund Policy: Please be aware that there are absolutely no refunds for booking and purchasing guided trips and there are no exceptions. Once you go through the motions of booking a trip and reserving your date it cannot be resold and therefor there will be no refunds for purchased guided trips. This is because our operations are popular and seasonal. Thank you for understanding. 


Want to Book a Trip? Follow These Steps to Reserve your Chunky Trout Adventure!

Step 1: Decide if you want to fish our private waters or public waters. We have nearly 7 miles of exclusive fly fishing access on the Fremont River. We also guide on over 4 million acres of public land including Dixie National Forest, Fish Lake National Forest, and Capitol Reef National Park. Rates

Step 2: Contact us at Chunky Trout Outfitters to check availability and reserve your trip! After reserving your trip you will be emailed a link for purchase according to the package you picked. Contact Us

Step 3: Prepare for your trip by purchasing or checking the validity of your Utah Fishing License.

Step 4: Attend your guided trip and have the best day of chunky trout fishing.. EVER! If you enjoyed your trip, please leave us a 5 star review at this link.

Public Land Fishing Locations: Bridget is licensed and insured to guide on over 4 million acres of public land in Southern and Central Utah. That creates endless possibilities with hundreds of lakes and streams to fish! Bridget is experienced and local to the area and would love to help you catch some chunky trout! 

Private Waters: We have nearly 7 miles of exclusive private river access on the Fremont River! The Fremont offers trophy fly fishing for colorful, aggressive, CHUNKY brown trout! 

Flying In? Chunky Trout Outfitters fishing locations are about 3.5 hours from Salt Lake City International Airport, and about 5 hours from Las Vegas Airport. Contact us here at CTO to answer all your travel questions. 


Here at Chunky Trout Outfitters you have the opportunity to catch numerous different species of fish! Depending on the day and location you could catch:

Tiger Trout (planted, cross between Brook Trout and Brown Trout) 

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Brook Trout (wild)

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Colorado Cutthroat Trout (native, wild)

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Brown Trout (wild)

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Rainbow Trout (planted, wild)

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Splake (planted, cross between Lake trout and Brook Trout)

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Arctic Grayling (wild)

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Kokanee (wild)

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